“@romeo_gex: Reminds of something @DavidOtunga would wear lol http://t.co/YLeti8AkYE” Just my size too!
“@TheR4ND0MOne: @DavidOtunga @PHILHEATH Do let us Colorado fans know when you're here David. A lot of us would love to meet you.” You got it
“@PHILHEATH: “@DavidOtunga: Yessssir Colorado my friend.” Cool I'll hit you up when I'm out there. I'll make sure I eat my Wheaties that day
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David Otunga is the only Harvard-educated lawyer, movie star, professional wrestler, reality star, and bodybuilder in the world. Now, for the first time ever, you can have David as your very own workout partner.

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Access to members only! Watch below to learn more.

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